• 8dplus8 Days

    Basis tour!

  • 3d

    Optional extension
    to Switzerland/Germany


  • 3drome

    Additional extension

    to Rome: 8d + 3 or 11d + 3


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The BWC>ET is a brandnew concept. A new way of communication between Chinese business and Dutch business. Communicating also between businees and leasure: tourism. We bring a small selection (made after consulting our representatives at Netherlands Business Support Offices, ambassee and consulates in China) of interested Chinese captains-of-industry, other business people, leading scientists, authorities/politicians,  possibly their staffs and/or their families, to Holland and Europe, not only for unique sightseeing, but also for doing business. Four exclusive, exquisite, programs are maybe a bit expensive because of their luxury and status providing uniqueness, but also economic. Economic because we provide you with the liaisons you need to do business with the most innovative and top class businesses of Holland and Europe. The visiting of companies is at request, tailormade but included in your tour. We provide luxurious Best Western (the world leading hotel chain) hotels and luxurious transport with Chinese speaking interpreter/guide and tourleader.

On this website you find the 4 different Europe-tours of 8, 11 or 14 days and the lists of possible companies to visit. The focus lies upon Holland, as we are Key to Europe and our country is famous for its science- and knowledge economy and industry. We stay in the ancient town of Leiden which had two keys in its old heraldic shield and is also called “Keytown”. It is the centre of and gateway to industrial and agricultural Holland. Innovative hightech, bioscience, the famous Dutch Design, agro-industry, water-related research and industries are wellknown of course, but you can find many other ideas for promising contacts with top brands in our shortlist and longlist underneath the links on this homepage. Please use another link for asking information about the tours, their prices and the business branches you are interested in. Dates and tariffs are tailormade and on request.